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Why offer employee benefits?  Fortune 500 companies understand why.  In addition to assuring that you attract and retain strong talent, studies show that a healthy employee is a happy, productive one.

Benefits like access to personalized, online enrollment and HR services are usually only available to large corporations.

See below for the main reasons to consider offering employee benefits as well as some of the many FREE services and features our agency can provide to your small business.

Benefits We Offer

Small agency attention. Large agency perks.

We take pride in maintaining a small-agency focus on personal service, while still offering large-agency technologies. Look below for some of the benefits we can provide along with direct access to a designated group agent.

Online Onboarding

Welcome new hires or exit terminated employees through a seamless online company portal. Employees can login, sign and store documents like employee handbooks, I9s or W4s all online for access at a later date.

Pre-tax Payroll Deduction

Utilize pre-tax deduction benefit for both employees and the employer. Employees reduce tax burden to “Uncle Sam” with contributions deducted on a pre-tax basis. Employers reduce payroll taxes with a lower net post-deduction payroll.

Paperless Enrollment

Automated “mistake-proof” online enrollment allows employees to add/change benefits online and e-sign directly through the company portal. Access to enrollment and benefit info is available 24/7/365 through individual employee logins.

Multiple Carriers In One

We partner with California Choice™ to offer multiple carrier options all under one invoice. This means the owner and employees can choose from a variety of different carriers like: Anthem, Health Net, Kaiser, United Healthcare, and more…

Member Perks

Enrolled employers and employees benefit from member perks like discount tickets to: theme parks, sporting events and movie theaters as well as discounts at hotels, restaurants, retail stores and vacation destinations.

Ancillary Discounts

Members receive additional perks like discounts on ancillary products such as: dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. These benefits come in handy for employees that don’t wish to add these insurance coverages but still need services.

Top 5 Reasons:

For Employee Benefits
Increase Company Appeal

Offering benefits has been proven to increase the overall appeal of a company. This can help to attract and retain strong talent.

Better Morale

By understanding and addressing the insurance needs of employees, a company can build a strong, dedicated workforce.

Improved Job Performance

By offering benefits, you show your employees that you care. In return, they care more about your business and become more loyal.

Reduce Turnover

Employees who are offered benefits tend to stick around. Employees that aren't, may start looking at other companies that do offer benefits.

Healthy Employees

Employees that have health and/or dental coverage tend to be healthier because they are getting regular checkups and receiving treatments when necessary.

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